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May 2013

ladygxmora asked

How do you write a short, two page story? I'm thinking about this for english essay purposes. How do you keep stories short and direct, but still an enjoyable read? Would you suggest a more narrative or descriptive take?

I write short stories. I love short stories. Specially when I have ideas that can take a fair amount of words and narrative. The deal with them is that they need the whole story to be told in only a brief short spam, such as a long scene, or a set or short scenes. 

In long stories you can take pages and pages or paragraphs whenever you want to get down your setting. In short stories, you need to find the best way to give your readers an idea of where they are. 

But that does not stop you from creating evocative scenes. I believe any good short story should have a fair amount of both narrative and description. If anything, let’s say 70% narrative and a well condensed 30% of descriptions. There are ways to both develop the action and show the people reading the story what is happening, where is happening, how, and who is making it happen. Find those ways, which are often more interesting than paragraphs dedicated solely to narrative or description.

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