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May 2013

Anonymous asked

I have an AP English exam on Friday, and we have to write 3 different kinds of essays. There is always at least one shitty prompt. I was wondering if you had any tips to make the best of a bad prompt.

You have two choices in my opinion:

  • Do what you think the professor/teacher wants. 
  • Do some brainstorming with yourself or someone else and go with it, ellaborate as you go along. 
  • Hell, doing good essays in subjects you’re insterested in is hard itself give up.

Nah this was kidding if you really want to get somewhere with this (pardon my french): 

  • PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER. See it as a learning experience (fuck no about the subject if it’s clearly so bad, but as a writing, -maybe- research, and self discipline exercise). 
  • Really, doing well in a grade because you took some time and effort into something you didn’t even like doing feels way more personally rewarding than when doing things you’re motivated to do.
  • When you get the incoming thought of “Why do I even have to do this stupid thing” remember: because you have to, idiot,  just remember you can do this essay, and you can make a good essay out of this shitty prompt, because you’re the shit and you will feel great when you accomplish it.
  • Make a plan: you have to actively protect yourself from the natural tendencies to escape from applying yourself to the task at hand. Get off tumblr, the internet- don’t interact with people, don’t watch TV. DO however reward yourself with breaks from time to time.

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  2. cj-logan said: From a test-scorer’s perspective: address the prompt, provide some concrete support (at least 1 example), and write write write - length counts for a lot.
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